Sunday, October 9, 2011


Things to do when feeling down

I've had the good fortune to more or less avoid any homesickness so far in my exchange. However, I have had plenty of times when I've felt down, or missed something specific from home (I will give my address to anyone who is willing to ship me a box of cheerios) So I've compiled a list of things I do when I need a boost, I thought the public may be interested.

1. Bug my sister to take me shopping! works every time
2. Look out the windows of my house
3. Take pictures of my house, pretty much the coolest place ever
4. write, write, write, and write.  in Turkish and English, it makes posting on this blog much easier when I can just edit entries from my journal
5. Read
6. Go for a drive. It reminds what a cool place I'm in when I pass crumbling mosques, fields of corn, flocks of sheep, horses wandering around the city, and Burger King.
7. Watch This
8. Dance the Safety Dance
9. Edit pictures on my computer
10. and of course, sometimes I post here!

1 comment:

  1. Things to do when I am feeling down - read Kyla's blog or Facebook postings and remember what great daughters I have. I don't think I will watch the video anymore that you suggested (but who died and made me the king of anything, anyways?).

    I have been wracking my brain and trying to remember what I did in the Peace Corps when I was down (can't think of anything I can post). I can say any negative moments have since become either humorous stories and/or valuable lessons.

    Hang in there Kyla it will be worth it.