Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Hey, Kyla. What are you doing?" Asli asked, peeking into my room this morning.
"I'm starting to pack" I answered
"Oh, are you leaving?"
I was a little surprised at this response, given I was pretty sure we had already discussed that I was moving out. "Sometime next week"
"You're packing a week early?" Asli asked disbelievingly

I just answered "yes"; but I wondered if she had ever tried packing up everything she owned and hopping off to an unknown place at an unknown date.

Actually, I'm begining to suspect needing loads of advanced notice before anything is a particularly American trait that I am having a hard time letting go of.

For example this morning, I called the president of my rotary club to see if he could tell me when or where I was going next week.  He didn't know.  "We are working on it" he said, in a voice that to me sounded rather mysterious and all powerful, a little like God would sound with a Turkish accent.

"Ok, no problem," I answered, overwhelmed by the power his voice exuded. It wasn't until after I hung up that I began to worry.  The American in me minutely examined details and possible things that could go wrong.

Then, I told the American in me to go back to where she came from, blew my nose (I have a cold), and started to pack

It's hard to believe I showed up here with one carry on, a personal item, and a piece of checked baggage smaller than my carry on.  Now I need one bag (safety pinned where the zipper broke) to hold all of my books; one bag to hold gifts, souvenirs, and out of season clothes; and I don't have anywhere to put all the stuff I am using on a day-to-day basis. Don't get me started on all of those fall/ spring jackets I have magically accumulated.

I've heard many times before that packing for switching families in harder than packing to leave for exchange. When I packed to come to Turkey, it was all about minimalization.  Will I really wear that? Will I really use that? No? Maybe? Not coming.

Now, it's either take it with me or throw it away. Do I plan on using blow up-squeaky-left-foot Santa anytime soon? No. Is he coming with me? No question about it. Same goes for giant-scarf-that-I-have-used-as-a-blanket and blue-tambourine-I-got-in-Istanbul.  (Hey! it was free!)

However there are a few things I'm leaving behind.

Among them is a bottle of Strawberry vinagrette, a small assortment of berry flavored tea bags, and some American coins.  These are gifts for an amazing host family I will miss very much.  I don't know what I will give to my next family, but I figured this family deserved all the gifts I have left (that, and I don't want to take them with me)

So, I'm not worrying. I'm packing and considering buying a new suitcase (really, this is inevitable) I can't wait for the next adventure!

This is just for fun. What happens when Asli and I make breakfast

Hmm.... maybe this is why no one wants me to start packing a week early.
Also good luck to my (real) sister Clare! she is competing in Canada at Arctic Winter Games. I'm betting she won't see this until after; but...... it's the thought that counts, right?

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