Saturday, March 17, 2012

I have grand plans for a few better posts in the near future, but I thought I would do a quick update now.

I have moved into a new family, with a new record of one days notice before the move. I am very happy with them, however; and if my English gets worse, I now have the excuse of saying I am speaking almost all Turkish now. My new family doesn't speak English so now it's Turkish at home and school.

I had an exciting day today. I got to see Selimiye Mosque for the first time after almost six months of living here. I also got to see a very nice little park near my home I had no idea existed!  It has some beautiful fountains and a playground that kind of makes me wish my littlest sister was coming to visit me so she could use it.

And, finally. I leave you with this:

A week or so ago I made this to illustrate something I remember my first host mom doing when I first came here.  I'm wondering why I didn't caption it "How people drive down AN empty road", but perhaps my English was already leaving me.

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